Mission And Vision

"To live and serve in Song and Praise for the Greater Glory of God".


According to the Choir's Constitution, the major objective of the Choir is to sing songs of praise in the Church and to lead the congregation into worship by encouraging their participation in the liturgy. The Choir has tried to live to this objective with improvements from time to time on how to achieve better results in this regard. It is gratifying to note that since its inception, the choir has been in attendance during the 10.00 O'Clock Mass every Sunday up to the present day.


We gallant Soldiers of Christ our King
we march together with our Saints
Heading for heaven, Our Cross as Banners
in Company with all the saints.

  1. God by his mercy Gave us Light
    through the Grace of faith
    the faith we have held for all the years
    We shall ever hold to it.

  2. Let us praise our Lord the mighty God
    And thank Him Always
    Glory and Honour be to Him
    Now and ever through all the time.