Mission And Vision

“To live and serve in Song and Praise for the Greater Glory of God”.

Christ the King Church Choir, Kampala, has been in service at Christ the King Parish since 1936. At the time of inception,
the Choir Director was Mr. S. Lobo assisted by Choirmaster, Mr. Remy de Silva. The Choir mainly comprised of the Goan
community with only four Ugandan members, one of whom was the late Valerian Mayega.

In 1961, a good number of choir members including the Choirmaster and Director, left the country leaving Ugandans to take
up the task of re-building the Choir. Mr. A.D. Lubowa became the Conductor of the Choir with late Valerian Mayega as his
assistant. Late Mr. Mayega served as Music Director and Chief Organist until he died in 1991 while Mr. AD Lubowa retired
as Conductor in 1995.

Prior to his death, Mr. Mayega had groomed a younger conductor, Mr. Mberenge Patrick, who worked closely with him and later
took over as Music Director. Mr. Mberenge served as Music Director from 1991 to 2008. Currently, he is the music Technical
Advisor of the Choir. Mr. Mberenge handed the mantle of Director to Mr. Sekyewa Louis, who served until 2016. The Choir is now
ably directed and instructed by Mr. Mugesera Dominic with Mr. Dennis Miiro, as assistant organist. The Choir is endowed with many
musically talented young men and women who assist the Music Director from time to time.

Past Chairpersons who have contributed to the continuous existence and sustainable service of Christ the King Church Choir include
the late Mathias Lutaaya, Salongo Muyingo Mr. Masembe Godfrey, Mr. Kiriggwajjo Anatooli, Mrs. Ssenkubuge Agnes, Mrs. Ssentoogo Warugaba Mildred,
and the current Chairman being Mr. Nsiimoomwe Felix.

Special mention is inevitable of the services rendered to the Choir by Mr. Luggya Paul, as Organist and Mr. Sengendo Zake D. Andrew as Instructor and Conductor.
The two musicians are members of the Choir whose contribution has seen the Choir grow to greater heights through their love for music and selfless service to God.
In the same breath, the choir has enjoyed singing songs written by Cosma Warugaba, late Valerian Mayega, Benedict Mubangizi, Rev. Fr. Charles Kabuye,
Rev. Fr. Dr. Okello, Micheal Mukisa and Eng. Wassanyi Sserukenya, and Tony Muyingo. as well as music from other parts of the world but mostly Classical
music by famous composers such as Bach, Mozart, Handel, Mendelsson, Stainer and Hayden.

Objective of the Choir

According to the Choir’s Constitution, the major objective is to sing songs of praise and to lead the congregation into worship by encouraging their participation
in the Liturgy. And any other performances in promotion of Catholic Religious praise and worship songs.

Choir Patron:

According to the Choir’s Constitution, the Choir’s Patron is the Parish Priest of Christ the King Parish.

Spiritual Guidance

The Choir consults from time to time with the Father-in-Charge of Choirs for guidance and has participated in a number of retreats organized by itself and by the
Choirs Association to renew spiritually.

Membership of the Choir

The Choir has enjoyed steady growth in its membership, which for quite some time now has grown to at least over 70 members. Today the active number of members stands
at 45. These comprise of men and women from different walks of life who have offered their service and voices voluntarily to God and the Church.


Christ the King Church Choir looks to the future with determination to continue in service of God and His Church.

Other future prospects, fund permitting, are focused on investing in manageable projects that would up-lift the welfare of the members generally. Projects such as
vehicle purchase for ease of mobility of the members while required to perform.


The Choir also acknowledges financial and physical contributions made by Parishioners and other well-wishers. These have greatly assisted the Choir to continue serving.
Special mention is made of St. Christian Graphics Ltd for all their publicity materials, posters, fliers and programs.

To the National Director, Fr. Kizito Kirenga and all staff of Radio Maria for having accepted to partner with us in making a difference in the lives of young adults at
Kankobe Childrens’ home on Saturday, 18th April 2017.

To our sister Choirs at Christ the King Parish for being our source of inspiration.

Last but not least, the Choir extends its deep appreciation to Christ the King Parish Clergy, past and present for creating an atmosphere that has enabled Christ the
King Church Choir, Kampala, to live and serve in songs of praise for the Greater Glory of God.